Top ten richest companies

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The top 10 richest companies of the world are located across the map. has compiled the list of the Global 2000 which lists the top 2000 companies globally. However, 50% of the companies are American. The top four spots, in fact, are occupied by companies based in the United States.

The variety of companies include oil and gas companies, and banks. The market value of these companies range from 167 to 308 billion dollars. ranked the list according to four indicators. These indicators are revenues, profit, assets and capitalisation. The rating criteria is believed to allow for more objectivity in evaluating and comparing companies.

North American

According to the top four richest companies of the world are found in North America, USA to be exact. The richest company is JPMorgan Chase. JPMorgan Chase is a banking company with a market value of £108.0 billion. General Electric, Bank of America, and ExxonMobil comprise the top 2-4 companies respectively. Wells Fargo rounds out the North American companies at number eight on the list.

European notes that European companies represent the second largest faction on the list. Companies located in Spain, France, Netherlands, and the UK are among the 10 richest of the world. Banco Santander, HSBC Holdings, Royal Dutch Shell, and BP are the four European companies making the list with a combined market value of £403.7 billion.


There is only one Asian based company in the top 10 richest companies list compiled by This company is located in China. ICBC is a banking company coming in at fifth on the list. ICBC has a market value of £157.4 billion.