What paint colors go with grey?

grey door image by å...«æœˆ from Fotolia.com

Grey is a neutral colour that tends to best match other neutrals and cool colours. Still, because it is a neutral, it can actually look just fine with most colours. Too much grey in a room can become drab or depressing, so pairing it with brighter colours is usually a smart choice.


Moody but sophisticated, grey-blue adds the touch of colour that straight grey needs to prevent a room from looking too dark or dull. This country colour brings a realistic, no-nonsense attitude to any interior decorating scheme. In particular, grey-blue and grey are attractive paired with accents of cream.


Light grey and khaki, when combined, produce a luminosity. This combination of colours matches nearly any furniture and accessories but looks best with other light and natural colours as well as natural woods and fibres.


Sage, a kind of light grey-green, seems very natural when coupled with grey. These two colours can make a room a bit too dark if not diluted with another shade such as white, off-white or ivory.


This cheerful and offbeat combination is a bold and daring move for interior decoration but well worth it if pulled off correctly. The merry quality of light yellow takes on just a hint of seriousness when placed against light grey or silver, and, in turn, the light grey dresses up your room with smart sophistication. Objects and accessories made of sterling silver fit right in with this colour scheme.

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