Slumber party games for 10 year olds

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There may be no greater source of giggles and shrieks than a 10-year-old's slumber party. Gather pajama-clad guests for games to punctuate gossip and snacks. Once the girls get together, finding games and activities should not be too challenging. Keep the tone light and easy. Play games that appeal to the little girl and to the budding tween. Engage the girls with games to add even more howls of laughter to the dead-of-night otherwise silent house.

.Truth or Dare

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The party game, Truth or Dare will likely create entertaining havoc with 10-year-old girls at a slumber party. Players ask each other questions to which the other must choose to answer a question truthfully or perform a dare posed by the girl asking the question. Prepare questions and dares ahead of time. Abide by two main rules---do not ask mean-spirited questions and do not offer dangerous dares.

The website, Birthday Party Ideas 4 Kids, provides suggestions for questions and dares. Ask for the truth to the question, for example, "What's the stupidest crush you've had?" Dare a player to create dance moves and perform them in front of the party.

Blindfold Makeover

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Makeovers and spa experiences often capture little girls' attention. Put a spin on a makeover with the "Blind Makeover" suggested by Birthday Party Ideas 4 Kids. Place a blindfold on one girl who puts blush, lipstick and finishing powder on a second girl. Blindfold the second girl who makes up a third girl and so on. Capture the hilarious result on camera.

Cut the Flour Cake

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Sometimes good times come from making a mess. Play the game, "Cut the Flour Cake" suggested by the website, Kiwi Families. Pack flour tightly into a mixing bowl. Place an unwrapped lollipop vertically deep inside the flour cake. Turn the bowl upside down and remove the bowl. Take turns cutting the cake with a plastic knife. Players can cut any size pieces and in any direction, but must not cause the sucker to fall. If the pop falls, the person cutting the cake must pick up the sucker with her teeth.

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