Cool deck paint colours

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Modern paint formulas allow you to mix deck paint in almost any colour. The particular composition of deck paint allows it to hold up to foot traffic on horizontal surfaces as well as changing weather.

If your deck paint is the same colour as your house paint, the shade may be slightly off because of the different chemical composition of the paint base. Because of this, it's best to paint your deck a complementary colour. You can still use the exterior home colour on the vertical deck posts and railings, if desired.

Multicoloured earth tones

Traditional decks tend to be brown, white or earth tone colours, helping them coordinate with your house colour and the surrounding environment. Take these colours as your cue, but don't stop there. Try painting each board individually, randomly choosing from a palette of moss green, earthy brown, clay red and khaki. Choose one of these colours for your vertical posts and larger rail supports, another for the smaller banisters and the fourth for the handrail. This colour choice works well with earth tone houses and natural settings. For blue or green houses, keep the moss green, but opt for grey-tone blues and purples instead of the red and brown.

Sea and sky

Enliven your deck by choosing a near-white shade of aquamarine or turquoise blue. The almost-white shade will keep the deck looking bright and clean and keep you from overheating as you sunbathe; the blue tint will add a touch of visual interest and bring to mind bright, open expanses of sky and ocean. Choose beach-themed decor for your light blue deck, and paint the posts with faux stone accents to add variety. The light blue works particularly well on decks with clear panels or open wire instead of banisters, as the design lends itself to an open, expansive feel.

Navy blue

Add a touch of class and contrast to any neutral coloured home with a navy blue deck. The colour works well with almost all neutral shades, plus lighter blues and some greens. Choose a shade that looks deep blue, rather than black, under both sunny and cloudy conditions. If the colour seems too dark once you apply it, sponge on a textured glaze of your primary exterior house colour or a lighter shade of the same blue. Bright white patio furniture can lighten up a navy blue deck.