Pink & lime green room ideas

the blue, green and pink kaleidoscope image by thea walstra from

Lime green and pink bring fresh, bright colour to an old or faded decor. The combination is modern enough to look stylish but versatile enough to complement vintage elements.

This means pink and lime green make especially stylish colours for a teen's bedroom, though they can also freshen up an adult's tired bedroom decor


Choose a lighter hue of one of your colours for the walls. Too-bright wall colours can be distracting and make the room feel uncomfortable. Soft lime green works well for a sportier room while petal pink will give the room a very feminine feel. You can also pick several shades of either hue and dry brush or use a crumpled rag to dab them onto the walls for a mottled pattern. Wall stamps come in funky spirals, various polka dot sizes, and retro flower shapes. Paint your walls a light, soft lime green or pink and stamp them with a darker shade of the same hue. Paint window sills and mouldings white to showcase the colours. Frame posters and photos in silver or white frames.


It's easy to go overboard with a colour theme, especially in the furniture. Instead of painting all of the furniture to match the walls or each other exactly, pick one or two pieces to paint. For instance, paint a nightstand and desk the opposite colour of the walls and fit them with white or silver hardware. The rest of the furniture should be white or a light-to-medium wood tone. Mix and match drawer and door pulls. Pick white, silver, green and pink hardware and mix them up so no piece has matching hardware. This gives the furniture a funky eclectic look. It may also save you money if you purchase hardware leftovers on discount. Top the white or wooden furniture with pink or green lamps, boxes and other colourful accessories. Top coloured furniture with white, metallic or wooden accessories.

Bedding and Floors

Mix and match bedding as much as possible to play up your room's funky theme. Choose a green-striped bedspread and toss a pink chenille throw over it. Cover the pillows in pink, green and white polka-dotted cases and choose pink pinstriped sheets. You can even find a reversible comforter and several sheet colours so the blankets and sheets never match up too closely. If you can, replace the room's carpeting with the opposite colour of the walls. If not, cover the existing carpet with area rugs. Choose a few small pink and green carpets. Place them to the side of the bed, in front of the bureau and scattered in a path from the closet to the door. You can even purchase carpet remnants in the right colour and cut them to the shapes and sizes you like.