Unique 18th Birthday Party Ideas

directional vote sign image by Pix by Marti from Fotolia.com

Turning 18 years old is a milestone occasion that marks the transition from childhood to adulthood. In most states, turning 18 means the ability to purchase tobacco and make important legal decisions without a parent or guardian. Celebrate the importance of turning 18 with unique activities and a celebration of adulthood.

Modern Debutante/Beautillion Ball

Historically, debutante balls have served as a "coming-out" party for young adults. When girls and boys reached adulthood, or a marrying age, they were presented to society through a special party or ball. Plan a modern version of a debutante ball to celebrate your 18th birthday. Instead of arranging a formal setting, have guests dress casually as if they were going to a nightclub. Have male and female guests pair and ballroom dance together during the party similar to the debutante ball, but play modern music.

Political Party

Many 18-year-olds might not keep track of politics until they are of legal voting age. Celebrate your ability to take part in the political process and host a "voter registration" themed birthday party. Decorate the room in red, white and blue. Purchase custom pins that read "I Can Vote" for friends and family to wear. Place stanchions on the tables each with tips on how to vote and other information regarding the political process. Offer door prizes to guests who are registered to vote.

Life Tour

Rent a limousine and take your friends on a tour of all the places you've lived during your life. If you haven't travelled or moved around much, focus on areas of interest in your hometown such as the hospital where you were born and the field where you played T-ball in preschool. Include 18 stops where your friends can get out and take photos. Add the new photos to a scrapbook next to the younger photos of you in the same place. Plan to take a road trip if you were born in a city out of state.

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