The paint colors that go with peach

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Peach is a pleasant colour in small quantities, but in decor, too much peach can seem to shrink a room. If you're looking for a colour scheme to match peach furniture, accessories or walls, you'll want to look to cool colours and neutrals, in order to dilute the effect of the peach colour.


White matches most anything, but when combined with peach, the effect is particularly pleasant. White will help emphasise the cheerful luminosity of the peach colour, while detracting from the "orange" quality of the colour. As an alternative, cream also works, but the effects of peach and cream combined is softer than that of white and peach.

Sea Green

Sea green and peach are common colours to combine in a bathroom. Sea green is reminiscent of the ocean, while peach reminds us of the inside of conch shells. Moreover, the fact that these two colours are found together in settings like the beach makes them a natural combination that humans are automatically inclined to accept and appreciate.


Since orange is the natural complement of blue, and peach is a shade of orange, peach and blue (light blue, particularly) are linked. Shades of blue make fitting accents to peach furniture and walls, particularly when white is incorporated into the scheme.


Just as sea green, a colour naturally found at the beach, goes well with peach, so does the colour of sand. This light beige works well as a colour for walls or carpet in rooms decorated with highlights and accents of peach.

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