Pre Prom Ideas

Limo for the Prom

Prom is a high school experience that you will remember for the rest of your life. It is an event that you have planned for a long time. You picked out your outfit and found a date to the high school event of the year. The only thing left is the pre-prom party. Gather your friends for a fun get-together before prom.

Girls' Dress-Up Party

Girls can plan a dress-up party to help each other prepare for the big night. Hold the dress-up party at a large house with several mirrors. Send out invitations to all of your girlfriends with the date, time, location and directions. The dress-up party should be held in the afternoon of prom day. Make sure to schedule the get-together so that you have enough time for other pre-prom events. In the invitation, ask the girls to bring their prom dresses, accessories, shoes, make-up and hair accessories. The host of the event should prepare extra pampering tools such as make-up, hair dryers, hair curlers, hair spray and make-up remover in case guests forget to bring something. Serve snacks and drinks that are easy to eat and that won't dirty your prom dresses, such as club soda and crackers. Do each other's hair first, and then move onto make-up. Save the dresses and accessories for last so that you won't get make-up on your dresses.

Photo Op

Schedule a photo-op session after the Girl's Dress-Up Party. Ideally, this would be held in the same house as the dress-up party. The backyard might be a suitable place to take beautiful photographs of the couples. If not, hold the photo-op at a nearby park. Send invitations to invite the boys and the girls who could not attend the dress-up party. Include the time, location and directions. Ask around to find a talented photographer among friends and family. If you can't find one, you can hire a photographer and have everyone pitch in for the cost. Otherwise, you can ask a parent to help. Take photos of each couple. To make it fun, have each couple pose for serious and funny poses. Finally, take a large group photo. Ask the photographer to make prints of the photos. After the big night, give out each couple's photos and give each person a copy of the group photo.

Limo Ride

Ride to the prom venue in a limo after the photo-op session. It is not only a glamorous ride, but it is also a way to make sure everyone arrives safely by limiting chances of alcohol-impaired driving. Reserve a limo ahead of time by calling a local limousine rental service. Give the company the location and time to pick up your group. To choose a limo, determine your group's budget. Count the number of people in the group, and ask each person how much they're willing to contribute. Once the budget is determined, choose from the different limousine styles, such as Hummers, Lincoln Navigators and sedans.

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