Full Moon Party Theme Ideas

full moon image by Daniel Wiedemann from Fotolia.com

Because of the Earth's rotation, the sky is lit up with a full moon every 29.53 days, giving us the most complete view of the moon on that day before slowly rotating back to the half or slice moon and then to the dark moon.

Full moons provide more than a lighted night sky; use the big white orb as an inspiration for your next party, whether you have it during the actual full moon or just in appreciation of it.

Wonder Wolves

While the theory of a full moon causing werewolves to come out at night has mostly mythical ties, the hairy creatures can be inspiration for your next full moon party. Highlight a scary werewolf theme at your party by blowing up posters of werewolves from movies such as "Teen Wolf" and the "Twilight" franchise; you can also find party goods such as cups, plates and napkins emblazoned with werewolf pictures, especially around Halloween.

Entertain party guests with an "Are You a Werewolf?" checklist. The Mythical Realm web site lists werewolf signifiers such as having middle and index fingers that are the same length, red hair, hairy palms, being born on December 25 and having eyebrows that join in the middle (though this may be just poor grooming skills).


Combine studying the moon with a sweet treat by catering your parties with MoonPies, a dessert snack that combines cookies, chocolate and marshmallows. Created by the Chattanooga Bakery in 1917 as a way for coal miners to eat something fast, solid and filling, MoonPies got their name when one of the miners held out his hands to frame the moon, requesting a snack of that size. MoonPies have been in production ever since, even being tossed from Mardi Gras floats and dropped as a giant, illuminated display in Mobile, Ala., every New Year's Eve.

MoonPies have expanded their reach to other flavours, such as banana and peanut butter, and also come in kids' sizes. Make MoonPies available (find them in grocery stores and directly from the MoonPie website) at your party and, chances are, your full moon party guests will leave full.

Loony Lunars

"The Lunar Effect" is said to wreak havoc in jails, hospitals and inner cities every time the sky experiences a full moon. While the actual effect is up for debate, you can use the lunar effect to invite guests to your full moon party to get a little crazy. Brainstorm ideas you would normally think are a little off your radar, such as bungee jumping, getting a piercing or shopping for racy lingerie. Attribute it to the "moon effect" and plan your party around it.

Guests at your party may contribute their own crazy ideas and you can help each other work up the courage to perform these acts as the party theme. Options include catering exotic foods, such as sushi, or hosting your party at a rock climbing centre open during the full moon. Look up to the moon, let out a howl if you have to, gather your strength and "get crazy." Chalk it all up to the moon being full and guiding your actions.