Ideas for Hot Tub Deck Designs

deck image by Albert Lozano from

Incorporate a hot tub into your deck design to create a true oasis just outside your door. Hot tubs, due to their size, can overwhelm a deck without careful planning.

Choose a hot tub suitable to the size of your yard, and include storage space for towels and other supplies and a table so you'll have a place to rest food and beverages.

Two-Tiered Deck

Install a two-tiered deck to create additional outdoor space and accommodate a hot tub. Place the hot tub on the first level, and use the second-level deck to provide seating, shade and privacy. Encourage guests to linger by creating a seating or dining area on the upper level. Add a permanent seating installation, such as a built-in bench. For additional functionality, build a storage bench with seats that lift open. Incorporate colourful cushions and pillows in durable outdoor fabric for a festive touch.

Incorporate a Pergola

Consider vertical space as well as horizontal when designing a deck and hot tub area. Rather than simply building out, build up. Incorporate a pergola into the deck design to add privacy as well as architectural definition. Pergolas can be ornate or streamlined and simple. Because pergolas have open tops and sides, they allow for free-flowing air while still providing a bit of shade. For added sun protection, encourage climbing vines to grow up and around your pergola; ivy or flowering clematis make attractive choices.

Build Around the Hot Tub

Fully incorporate your hot tub into your deck by constructing the deck around the hot tub. Determine the desired location for the hot tub and begin building the deck around it. Your in-deck hot tub will look seamless and more organic than one placed atop the deck. Be sure to provide ample room below the deck for ventilation and all the necessary plumbing and electrical components. You will also need to ensure you have adequate crawl space should any part of the hot tub need repair.