Ideas for hanging clothes in a bedroom with no wardrobe

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A bedroom that does not have a wardrobe can present problems for clothing items that must be kept hanging. Chests of drawers, under the bed storage and dressers can only provide so much storage capability for clothing and linens. Furniture and some creative options can help give you the space you need to store clothes that cannot be stored in drawers or dressers.


A wardrobe is a large piece of furniture with one or two doors in the front of the unit. On the inside of the wardrobe, there is typically a bar for hanging clothing, and some units have shelving as well. A wardrobe may have drawers on the bottom or side of the unit. Wardrobes can be ornate pieces of furniture that take up a great amount of space in a bedroom or a sleek modern design that blends with virtually any decor.


The sliderobe is an alternative to a wardrobe for those who do not want to add more furniture to the bedroom. The sliderobe is a set of sliding doors that fit along the length of the bedroom. You can store clothing racks and shelving systems behind the doors to keep the room neat and free of clutter. The companies that sell these doors and wardrobe systems will professionally install the sliderobe in your bedroom. This option allows the customer to have a wardrobe in their bedroom without undergoing a major construction project.

Clothing racks

A rolling clothing rack is an option for hanging clothing in a bedroom that does not have a wardrobe. It is a bold look for a bedroom, but it satisfies the need to store particular clothing items that you cannot fold and tuck away. Clothing racks can be metal, wood or plastic and can be an attractive look in a bedroom if you keep the hanging items looking neat.

Makeshift Wardrobes

While a bedroom may not have a wardrobe built into the room, there may be space in a corner of the room to create one. Use clothing racks and a curtain to keep hanging clothing out of sight in the room. You can also create a wardrobe by attaching a hanging rod to the wall across the length of the room and cover it with decorative screens or panels. This provides a large closet with floor space for shoes and storage boxes as well.

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