Signs of a Slow Metabolism

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Many people blame their struggle to lose weight on a slow metabolism. While serious cases of hypothyroidism are rare, some people do have a slightly slower metabolism. If you suffer seriously from signs of a slow metabolism, contact your doctor to ensure that you do not have a serious health condition.


A slow metabolism means that your body struggles to use the food you eat as fuel, causing you to lack energy. Along with fatigue, you may experience a general sense of weakness, a decreased libido, memory loss or a lack of motivation. Those with serious hypothyroidism often suffer from depression, in addition to fatigue.

Hair and Skin

People with sluggish metabolisms often suffer from coarse dry hair or hair loss. They often have dry, rough or pale skin. Poor skin, nail or hair health may also signify a nutritional deficiency. Ensure that you eat plenty of fruits and vegetables and take multivitamins if you suffer from poor skin and hair.


People with a slow metabolism struggle to properly digest foods and may suffer acid reflux, constipation or bloating. Poor diet can increase these symptoms and slow metabolism further. If you suffer from digestive problems, eat plenty of fibre-rich foods such as beans, whole wheat bread, green vegetables and fruit.

Cold Intolerance

If you feel cold all the time, you may suffer from a slow metabolism. People with slow metabolisms or thyroid disorders often suffer from poor circulation, making them very temperature-sensitive. Daily exercise and drinking lots of water help to increase your circulation. Contact your doctor if increasing your activity level does nothing to improve your cold intolerance.

Muscle Aches

People with a slow metabolism often suffer from muscle aches or cramps. You may feel as if you have the flu or have worked a hard day of labour. Drinking extra water and consuming foods rich in potassium, such as bananas, help fight muscle cramps and aches.