Paint Ideas for an Exterior Window Ledge

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When giving a home a makeover, many people often overlook their exterior window ledges. Window ledges are an undervalued architectural detail, and, with the right techniques, it is easy to bring new life and beauty to your home's exterior by using interesting painting techniques.

Neighbourhood homes are often built in similar styles and can be individually uniform; however, you can customise your home's look by using a contrasting paint colour tone on your exterior window ledges.

White for Traditional Homes

White is probably the most popular paint colour used for bring exterior contrast to a traditionally styled house such as a colonial. Using white paint on your window ledges and trim gives a stately look, making window trim look polished.

Some traditional homes with intricate window details such as Tudors have more limited and sanctioned colour palettes, and white falls out of the accepted colour family. However, if you’re looking to differentiate your home, consider a white shade of paint.

Bold Color for Modern Homes

Contemporary or ranch style homes have the most latitude when it comes to the selection of paint colours for use on window and other exterior trim areas. These home styles benefit greatly from paint colours that accent the clean lines of their modern architecture.

While most homeowners will opt for a complementary colour to use on exterior trim like window ledges, don’t be afraid to explore the deeper end of the colour spectrum to bring added personality and distinction to your modern home. Colours such as raspberry, eggplant, and indigo can make your home the singular sensation of the neighbourhood.

Mix and Matching Colors

The wonderful thing about paint is that you can exploring your options with relatively low risk. Consider using two or more complementary colours on your window trim. A window showcasing two colours is a window, and homeowner, with a bold sense of style.

You should love the colours used on your house while respecting the fact that your neighbours see the exterior of your home much more than you. Nevertheless, don’t be afraid to try on colour options whatever your home style. Buy a number of sample size cans of paint and apply them to a sample board. Once dry, take the board outside so you can make a critical decision about what colours appeal to you an exterior environment.

Even you if decide that the colour you love isn’t right after painting it on a window or two, it’s just paint and can be quickly and easily repainted if need be.

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