Ideas for anniversary party table decorations

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Many lucky-in-love couples enjoy celebrating their anniversaries with friends and family at an anniversary party. When planning an anniversary event for yourself or a close couple in your life, consider some simple steps that you can take to make the party-room tables more than just functional but also aesthetically pleasing. Through careful decoration and preparation, you can turn your standard tables into delightful and interactive environments fit for dining.

The Way They Were Centerpieces

Allow guests to glimpse back into history by creating The Way They Were centrepieces. Gather an array of pictures of the couples from throughout their marriage. Blow these images up, and attach them to foam board. Place each enlarged image in the centre of one of the tables. As guests enjoy the party, the images will likely induce them to circulate around the setting.

On This Date Napkin Rings

Feature prominent dates in the couple's history in your table decoration by crafting On The Date napkin rings. To create these rings, cut cardstock down into strips. On each strip of cardstock, write a date from the couple's past, along with a brief description of the event that occurred on that date. Wrap these strips around paper or cloth napkins and secure them with glue to create an informative napkin ring.

Couple Trivia Placemats

See how much your guests know about the couple in question by crafting couple trivia placemats. Compose an assortment of trivia questions about the couple and their lives together. Write your questions on pre-cut placemats. Place one mat at each place setting. Alert guests to the presence of these trivia questions, and encourage them to discuss them with those at their tables.

Bundles of Balloons

Balloons are an inexpensive way to transform your table top. Purchase an array of balloons in colours that match your party theme. Blow these balloons up, and form them into a bundle by wrapping string around the bases and securing them together. Place each voluptuous balloon bundle in the centre of a table to add excitement to your place settings.

Twinkle Light Display

Setting the tabletop aglow with twinkle lights is a great way to set the mood for an evening party. Purchase small twinkle lights along with silk flowers or ivy to create your centrepiece. Wrap the lights around the ivy or flowers to hide the wiring. Run these strips of lights and flowers around the table. Use extension cords to connect each strand and set the creations aglow. To reduce the likelihood of accident, attach the extension cords to the ground with electrical or duct tape.

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