National Trust Paint Colors

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The National Trust for Historic Preservation began in 1949 and has worked since then to save America's architectural history through education, preservation and restoration.

The non-profit organisation partnered with the Valspar paint company to create a selection of colours that match those used in historic buildings of various time periods. When you paint your home in these classic colours, part of each gallon's sale price provides financial support for the trust.

Belle Grove Colors

A palette of greens, blues, pinks and ambers make up the 12 colours in the Belle Grove collection. Valspar says the colours "embody 19th century country elegance." The original Belle Grove estate in Virginia was built in 1797 and is now part of a national historic park. The green hues in this collection include "Aloe Green," "Moss" and "Spruce," while the blue tones include "Valley Fog" and "Victory Blue." The colours "Antique White," "Light Amber" and "Buff" provide the neutral tones, while soft warm hues include "Sorbet" and "Old Rose."

Fairmont Hotel Colors

The historic Fairmont Hotel in San Francisco shared a designer with the area's famous Hearst Castle. The Fairmont opened in 1907 after a year's delay due to earthquake damage. While current hotel rates range from £174 to £8,125 per night, you can enjoy the colours of the historic property in your own home for about £22 per gallon (all rates as of July 2010). Fairmont Hotel colours include "Lobby Cream," suite colours in red and gold and the penthouse colours "Mosaic Blue," "Mosaic Green," "Garnet" and "Stone."

Jekyll Island Club Colors

The Jekyll Island Club is another hotel on the National Trust's registry. It was built off the Florida coast in 1886 as a winter retreat for the wealthiest families of the day; an addition to the property in 1896 became the first condominium in America, according to the hotel's publicists. The collection features yellow, ivory and other warm tones as the dominant hues, but "Dining Sea Mist," "Sans Souci Green" and "Pulitzer Blue," along with a few others, add a cool seascape feel to the collection's 14 colours.

Woodlawn Colors

The historic Woodlawn house, given by George Washington to his nephew, features 18 colours in the National Trust collection from Valspar. Colonial neutrals and blues figure prominently in the Woodlawn scheme, with tones such as "Whitewash," "Sterling Blue," "Misty Morn" and "Valley Haze." Splashes of warm colour include "Salsa," "Lewis Gold" and the cheery yellow of "Music Room."