Silver Wedding Anniversary Party Ideas

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Life is marked by a series of rites of passage. A couple's silver wedding anniversary represents one of those memorable times. Gather friends and family for a formal affair, if that suits you. Or you may want to extend invitations for guests to join you at a local steak house for good food, good company and fond memories. Host an all-day silver anniversary outdoor party and dance into the night. Add decorative touches of traditional and modern elements, listed on, such as silver and crystal to create a sparkling atmosphere.


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Gather your loved ones for a formal silver anniversary party at a luxury hotel that provides private reception rooms. Stay a couple of nights and make a grand and fresh entrance to the festivities. Arrange for silver serving trays and flatware at place settings. Request tapered candles flickering in silver candlestick holders. Give each other engraved silver rings to wear to the event. Order a gourmet buffet over which guests can linger as they marvel at your marital success.


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After 25 years together, husband and wife have established a stride. Celebrate what you have in common for your 25th anniversary. If family members want to celebrate your anniversary, attend the family festivities. Later, plan an intimate party at a local jazz club for a late evening of dancing and lively conversation with people you love. With all of your loved ones satisfied, the two of you can relax and celebrate each other.


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Your idea of good times might be casual. Schedule an outdoor gathering of family and friends. Fire up the barbecue and order catered side dishes. Create music play lists that bring your love to mind. Add songs from your early dating days, from your wedding and songs you have come to enjoy over the past 25 years. Set picnic tables with silver or white table cloths and attractive casual place settings. Light hurricane candle lamps when the sun sets. Clear a space on a deck or patio for dancing under the stars. Order a silver anniversary wedding cake to cut into as a grand finale.

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