Disadvantages of Automotive Telematics

Automotive telematics is the idea of integrating a car as completely as possible. Automotive telematics includes putting cellular services, GPS systems, weather displays, and dozens of other technological ideas into a car to serve all the potential needs of a driver. While these are a great idea in theory, there are disadvantages to a totally integrated, technological vehicle.


Automotive telematics add a lot of value to your car, but they're also very expensive. GPS systems, cell phone integration and automated texting need to be purchased in their base form, and then installed into your car by experienced techs. Even if you have the ability to install the systems yourself, automotive telematics can still get very expensive as you add more and more of them into your car for a more complete and convenient driving experience.


One disadvantage of automotive telematics is that they make your car easier to track. This is something of a double edged sword though. In the event that your car is stolen, you'd want it to be easier to find, especially if you could just track where it is via the GPS chip that you have inside it. However, it also means that you're giving up a lot of privacy by making yourself trackable. It's a consideration that you should think about, since it can be a major pressure on your privacy.


While many automotive telematics are great investments, you should be sure you know how well the particular device is going to work. Having a hands free cell phone dialer and loudspeaker is great, but if you live and drive in a cellular dead zone that isn't going to be very helpful. If you are in high mountains or other areas where the environment might block GPS receiver signal, you may be without a working guidance system. If you come to depend on telematics too much, you may be stranded when they don't work.


Another disadvantage of automotive telematics is that they take your attention off the road. If you're attempting to drive safely while talking on your phone (hands free or not), sneaking glances at your GPS, and trying to watch the road at the same time, your attention can become so divided that you're much more likely to get into an accident.

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