Different styles of moon hubcaps

Classic car design image by itsallgood from Fotolia.com

Moon hubcaps were invented by Dean Moon, the godfather of hot rod cars. When Moon hubcaps first came onto the market in the 1950s it was claimed that putting Moon hubcaps on your hot rod would add 7mph to speeds over 190mph. Today, Moon hubcaps are still popular, but more for the sleek look they give a car's tires. There are several styles of Moon hubcaps you can use to add style and speed to your ride.

Full Moon Hubcaps

Full Moon hubcaps are often seen on classic cars. Moon hubcaps come in a variety of sizes to fit different tires. Sizes usually range from 13 inches to 16 inches in diameter. They fit over the hub of the wheel in one solid, shiny piece. Full Moon hubcaps are designed to make a car more aerodynamic by eliminating drag from the wheel hub, but they also make the tires of a car look sleek and fresh by hiding the wheel hubs. They cover the entire inner part of the wheel to the inner edge of the tire. When polished and shined, they reflect the light brilliantly, earning them the name of "full moon." There are different grades of Full Moon hubcaps. For better quality, look for those that are all one piece, connect securely to the hub and are made of a sturdy material such as steel.

Baby Moon Hubcaps

Baby Moon hubcaps are smaller than Full Moon hubcaps and cover the inner part of the hub, with sizes ranging from 8 to 10 inches in diameter. Since Baby Moon hubcaps don't cover the entire wheel well, they do not make a car as aerodynamic as Full Moon hubcaps, but they still look slick. The best quality baby moon hubcaps will be made of steel and covered in chrome.

Finishes and Designs

Designs and logos can also be emblazoned on the surface of either Full Moon or Baby Moon hubcaps. Classic Moon hubcaps would have the name of the car's manufacturer. Some people choose to paint their Moon hubcaps to match or accent a paint job, such as the famous black Moon hubcaps from the TV series, "Knight Rider." Antique Moon hubcaps for classic or new cars are also available to give your car a custom look.

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