Stages in house construction

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When you're building a new house, nothing seems as long and tedious as the construction process. Taking a minute to understand the stages of house construction--from the planning, to the laying of the foundation and to final inspections--will help you track your home's progress throughout those seemingly endless months of waiting.


Before the construction ever starts, builders begin laying out plans, purchasing materials and getting the necessary permits. They then begin levelling the area, digging trenches, setting up the foundation and laying out tentative plumbing for the house. Once inspectors approve the plumbing, workers pour the foundation for the new home.


Once the foundation is laid, builders raise interior and exterior walls, set up plans for stairs and install exterior doors and windows. They also frame the roof and install shingles to keep the interior of the home from being damaged by poor weather conditions. Construction workers do their best to complete this stage quickly to prevent as many weather delays as possible. Some companies finish the exterior of the house during this stage.

Plumbing and Electrical Work

Next, the plumbers complete the rough job from Step 1 by adding sinks, bathtubs, showers and washing-machine hookups. At the same time, electricians work to install electrical wires and heating and air conditioning. Fireplaces are added during this stage. Inspectors check each system in detail to ensure the safety and efficiency of the home.

Insulation and Drywall

Builders then add insulation between the studs of he home and cover the walls with sheetrock. Windows and doors are sealed to keep outside air and precipitation from entering the home.

Exterior and Interior Finish

Once the drywall is complete, builders work on the details of the home's interior, including trim, outlets, tile, faucets, carpet, cabinets and counter tops. All walls are painted or wallpapered. Any incomplete parts of the exterior are finished now, including siding, exterior paint, driveways and sidewalks. Inspectors check the outside of the house thoroughly to make sure everything has been done properly.


Landscapers finish grading the lawn, plan drainage and set up any irrigation systems. If the sewer tank hasn't been installed, it goes in the ground during this stage. Finally, workers install fencing, lay out sod and plant trees and shrubs.

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