Motorcycle Keepsake Gifts

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Keepsake gifts for the motorcycle enthusiast are the perfect way to show how much you care for the biker in your life. Gifts do not have to be expensive to be a big hit. Personalised biker photo frames, collectable belt buckles and miniature motorcycle Christmas tree ornaments are some good ideas for motorcycle keepsake gifts. Keepsake gifts are available online and at flea markets and trade shows.

Belt Buckle

Many collectable motorcycle belt buckles are made from pewter. Some are made from alloys of pewter and brass, while others are made from zinc or steel. Collectable motorcycle keepsake belt buckles may be unadorned, but the most desirable belt buckles are fine pewter or alloy metals with hand-enamelled accents. A thoughtful keepsake gift for a biker would be a nice collection of wearable belt buckles in a stylish display case. Scour flea markets and swap meets for antique belt buckles. Antique and bike shops sometimes have entire collections available. Biker belt buckles often include patriotic symbols as well as the motorcycle symbol.

Christmas Ornaments

Department stores and card stores often carry a large selection of novelty and collectable Christmas ornaments. Some motorcycle manufacturers, like Harley-Davidson Motorcycles, have a full set of historic motorcycle ornaments that are available either through motorcycle dealers or at card stores like Hallmark. Motorcycle ornaments are usually quite durable and are manufactured from high impact plastics or pewter. Pewter ornaments may cost a bit more than plastic, but they will develop an attractive patina over the years. Antique shops, novelty stores and trade shows are good places to shop for motorcycle keepsake Christmas ornaments. If you enjoy creating handmade gifts, attach toy motorcycles to plain plastic ornaments for an unusual keepsake gift.

Motorcycle Picture Frame

Motorcycle picture frames can be found at novelty and gift shops. Motorcycle accessory shops often carry a few different frames for their customers to choose from. Pewter is always popular, but wood and ceramic are also good choices. To personalise a motorcycle keepsake picture frame gift, present the frame with a professionally printed photograph of the recipient on his motorcycle. Add a personal note on the back of the frame, and the biker in your life will treasure the gift. You can also create a one-of-a-kind, personalised frame by attaching small scale model motorcycles to a larger metal or wood picture frame. Metal die-cast motorcycles are available at most department stores that have a toy section. Select the brand, colour and style of motorcycle that the recipient owns and attach that motorcycle to the picture frame.

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