Brands that look like Doc Martens

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Dr. Martens makes a wide variety of shoes, ranging from loafers to dress shoes to sandals. However, the shoes that first made the brand popular, and what it's best known for, are its boots, worn by both men and women of all ages and walks of life. A number of brands have tried to copy the style of Doc Martens boots, as it has become familiar to consumers and is, therefore, something they are more likely to buy.


Timberland boots are outdoor boots built in the same basic boot design as Doc Martens. They have a high area on the back of the boot which covers the ankle, a rounded toe and thick, heavy-duty rubber soles that are slightly wider than the sides of the boot itself. Timberland boots come in tan and various shades of brown and differentiate most from the Doc Martens style with a leather top that cushions where the foot is inserted into the boot. Most types of Doc Martens do not have this leather cushion.


Known as heavy-duty, reliable work and construction boots, Wolverine boots look very similar to Doc Martens in their colours, designs and thick rubber soles. The main difference in Wolverine boots is a lot more stitching can be seen on the front, top and sides of the boot itself, most visible on the lighter coloured models. These boots are also slightly taller than Doc Martens, narrowing at the top and going up the base of the leg to keep out water that may splash up or be accidentally stepped in. There are also more casual styles of Wolverine boots that look different from Doc Martens.


Clarks is best known for dress shoes that can also double as rugged outdoor wear, but they have made boots that are similar to simpler Doc Martens styles. These boots are made from leather and have few components that are stitched together, making them a bit sleeker in style than standard Doc Martens while retaining the thick rubber sole and heavy-duty boot look. Clarks boots are really meant for dress purposes as they aren't very thick and can fall apart quickly if they get wet, especially if they are not treated with waterproofing for the leather.

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