Ideas for youth club activities

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Youth clubs are designed to enable all young people, ranging from children to teenagers, to reach their full potential as caring and responsible citizens. They offer different activities to help children learn and grow, have ongoing relationships with other young people and adults and give hope and opportunity for their future. Most of all, youth club activities are a way to help young people have fun and make new friends.

Tag football

Tag football is a way to help young people get outdoors and run. To play, you will assign two groups and two destinations as goals. Assign one goalkeeper, one striker and the rest as defenders. The goal of the game for the offensive group is get the football across the goal within four tries. The goal for the defensive group is to stop the offensive group from scoring by tagging the person with the ball or stopping the ball from being completed four times. The first team to score the points set out in the beginning of the game is the winner.

Simon Says

Simon Says is another fun recreational idea that teaches young people the importance of listening and patience. To play the game, have the players stand in line on the floor while selecting someone to be "Simon," preferably an adult. Simon then will make commands for the players to perform such as "raise your arm". If the command is preceded by the words, "Simon Says" then the players will perform the command. If the command is not proceeded by the words "Simon Says," then the players do not perform the command. If a player accidentally performs the command when Simon does not say "Simon Says," they have to sit down. The last person to left standing is the winner.

Human knot

Human knot is a fun activity that requires no materials to play, but it will require team communication and problem solving. Form groups of about 10 people each and have each group stand in a circle facing each other. Tell everyone to lift up their left hand and reach across to take the hand of someone on the other side of the circle. Then tell everyone lift up their right hand and take the hand of a different person on the other side of the circle. Each team must try to untie the knot without letting go of another person's hand under a certain time limit.

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