DUAC Alternatives

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DUAC Topical Gel is a prescription acne-fighting medicine manufactured by Stiefel Laboratories, a pharmaceutical company that provides several dermatology products. DUAC Topical Gel contains 1 per cent clindamycin and 5 per cent benzoyl peroxide.

Side effects of using DUAC include peeling, burning and dryness of the skin. If you have been prescribed DUAC and it was not effective, your dermatologist or physician may try prescribing alternative gels and creams.


Differin is a prescription acne medication produced by Galderma. Differin can be prescribed as a gel with a 0.1 per cent or 0.3 per cent strength, or as a cream with a 0.1 or 0.3 per cent strength. The active ingredient in this topical acne medication is adapalene. Your dermatologist will prescribe the type of Differin best suited for your acne. For example, he may prescribe Differin Cream 0.1 per cent if you have sensitive skin. Side effects include skin discomfort, itching and sunburn. It generally takes 8 to 12 weeks to see noticeable results.


Tazorac is a topical medicine that comes in cream and gel form. The active ingredient in Tazorac is tazarotene, and it is a retinoid. Tazorac is a prodrug, meaning the tazarotene only becomes effective after it absorbs into the skin. This acne treatment is only available through prescription. You can expect to see results in 4 weeks. Side effects include redness, peeling, burning, itching and dry skin. Tazorac is prescribed to treat whiteheads, blackheads, red pimples and pus-containing pimples. Tazorac is a product of Allergan Dermatology.


Topical Rosula is prescribed to treat acne and rosacea. The active ingredient in Rosula is sulphur and sodium sulfacetamide. The medicine treats acne, rosacea, decreases inflammation and is an exfoliator. Rosula was created by Doak Dermatologics, which is a subsidiary of Bradley Pharmaceuticals. Side effects include redness, peeling and irritation of the skin. Rosula can be prescribed as a cleanser, gel, a clarifying wash or as medicated pads.