The best gifts for an active 70-year-old woman

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Every woman, regardless of her age, loves to receive gifts. Finding the perfect gift for an active 70-year-old woman may be easier than you think. At 70, the active woman is likely to exercise or play a particular sport, collect certain items, care about her appearance and need some pampering.

An appropriate gift may include a gym membership, picture frame or spa day.

Gym Membership

Working out and exercise will not only increase your lifespan; they'll make your remaining years healthier. Find a gym close to your recipient's home that offers classes for seniors and has a well-rounded workout facility. You can likely purchase a certificate for a trial membership, or prepay for a specific number of months. If she already has a gym membership, prepay for a portion of her remaining membership, pay for an additional year, or pay for an additional service such as a personal trainer.

Picture Frames

At 70, a woman has collected a lifetime of photographs. Chances are, she has many of these photographs stored in boxes, drawers, or old photo albums. She may even have frames displayed in her home that are old or broken and need replacing. Give her a collection of similar frames or one special frame that's been engraved with her name, monogram or a special date. Then she can pull out some of her old photos that may not have seen daylight in years and display them prominently in her home.

Spa Day

An active, mature woman probably fusses over her appearance and could use some relaxation to ease aching muscles. She would surely appreciate a day at a local salon or day spa. Spas and salons offer a variety of relaxing services that are available either à la carte or as part of a package. Spa treatments include massages, facials, manicures and pedicures, skin treatments, hair styling and make-up application. This gift will allow her to take a break from her active lifestyle and treat herself to a day of relaxation and beauty.