Natural Ways to Lighten Uneven Skin Tone for Black Women

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The colour of human skin is determined by the amount of melanin present. The more melanin present, the darker the skin. No matter what the skin colour is, it can suffer from an uneven tone. However, people can lighten darker skin and make the tone more even. Black women in particular can lighten an uneven skin tone in many ways.


Your first line of defence in lightening an uneven skin tone is to protect it from sunlight, which increases the production of melanin. Wear a sunscreen on exposed skin when you are out in the sun and a wide-brimmed hat to shield your face from the effects of the sun.

Over-the-Counter Lightening Creams

Skin-lightening creams can be found on the shelves of most stores selling beauty products. Read the product label to find out which one will work best for you. Products containing glycolic acid or alpha-hydroxy acids are the ones that work best. Another ingredient to look for is retinol, which also helps lighten and even skin tone.

Prescription Lightening Creams

A dermatologist can prescribe stronger medications to lighten the skin; however, the cost will of course be a bit more expensive. Prescription-strength lightening creams contain vitamin A acid or hydroquinone, which inhibits the reformation of new pigmentation to maintain newly lightened skin.

Dermatological Procedures

Special dermatological procedures can also lighten the skin. They may require more than one office visit and can be costly. One of the most popular is microdermabrasion. A dermatologist uses a special tool to sand away the top layer of the skin surface to reveal new skin. Newer skin is lighter than older skin that has been exposed to the elements.

Chemical peels are also a good choice for skin lightening. A dermatologist applies a chemical to the skin and the top surface layer of skin melts away in a matter of minutes.

Home Remedies

There are several home remedies that can help lighten the skin. A mixture of one part water to one part lemon juice can be applied to the skin once a day for a week to lighten the skin. Ground parsley that is boiled and mashed can also be applied to the skin daily to lighten and even out the skin tone.

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