Gifts for Twins & Triplets

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Make your gifts for twins and triplets that little bit extra special. Pick gifts that will be much appreciated by thinking of twins and triplets as being individuals and not just a single unit. While bundles of diapers or other essentials will make a useful gift for newborn multiples, there are many other interesting gift ideas for twins and triplets of all ages.

Personalised Clothes

Show twins and triplets that you recognise each of them as an individual by giving the gift of personalised clothes. Personalise baby bibs and tops; T-shirts for babies, children and adults; hats and many other items of clothing with the name of each of the twins or triplets. Personalise the items yourself using a fabric marker pen or use the services of a company specialising in fabric printing or embroidery.


Charms are a unique gift for twins and triplets of all ages. Buy charms as gifts to mark special occasions and life events that the twins or triplets share. The charms will build into an attractive piece of jewellery that will be filled with memories. Arrange for the charms to be engraved with the name of the individual twin or triplet to make the gift extra personal.

Jewellery Box or Treasure Chest

Give twins and triplets a special place where they can store precious items, such as jewellery and keepsakes. A jewellery box for girls or treasure chest for boys is the perfect place for youngsters to keep their jewellery and keepsakes. Twins and triplets often have to share, therefore giving them each their own box to store things in will be much appreciated.


Scrapbooks for twins and triplets are a thoughtful gift. Make a scrapbook at home using photographs and other mementos, or use a scrapbooking service. To make the scrapbook extra special, remember to include photos of the twins and triplets as individuals as well as with their siblings.

Joint Gifts

A joint gift for twins and siblings can be a great way to buy something that would otherwise fall out of your budget. Parents of newborn twins and triplets may welcome some special items to make things a little easier in the first few months, whereas older twins or triplets will love the shared gift of an expensive game or toy. Joint gifts are not limited to babies and children, however, and experience gifts are perfect for adult siblings to share.

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