Men: hairstyles for redheads

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Redheads are considered a rare breed. According to Marie Claire, natural redheads only comprise two per cent of the world's population, thus this rarity makes them even more attractive. But since hairstyles and products are always changing to fit with current trends, turning into a redhead is easier and more accessible.

Red, Long & Curly

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Men blessed with lush and naturally curly red hair can wear it at shoulder length or longer, similar to Shaun White, an Olympic gold medal holder for snowboarding. The hairstyle should emphasise a man's daredevil side rather than tame it. But it requires some maintenance, as neglect will make redhead men look dirty. Long, curly hairstyles like this are trimmed at least every two months to keep its lustre. Washing it with water and shampoo every other day also helps maintain a clean look, according to Shaun White, via People Magazine.

Flipped And Fringed

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The New York Times calls this hairstyle the “Twitch” or the “Flip and Switch," as inspired by teen pop star Justin Bieber. It features thick fringe swept to the side or combed to the front, almost hiding the eyes from sight. The style is typical to teenage boys as young as 13 years old and may involve a lot of flipping of the hair, exuding attitude and character. The Twitch is also reminiscent of hairstyles worn by the Beatles in the 1970s. Rupert Grint, the actor who plays Ron Weasley in the Harry Potter movies, also wears his red locks this way.

Shaggy Look

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The shaggy hairstyle works for red-haired men who like to keep their hair at medium length. It’s characterised as that "just got out of the bed look," according to one website. Many celebrities parading the red carpet, such as Ashton Kutcher and Zac Efron, make this style trendy. Achieving and maintaining this look requires use of styling products to give the hair body and texture. The great thing about a medium length shaggy haircut is that it can be worn in different ways, such as side-swept or with a mohawk. It can also be tamed for formal events using pomade, mousse or gels.

Spiked Hair

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For men who like to wear their hair short, styling it with spikes will bring out the red hair's vibrance. TV Trope calls this hairstyle the "Anime Hair" which exudes a punk rocker vibe. The style is achieved using spiking gels and hair gums from beauty or chemists. It may also need the help of a blow dryer or hair straightening gadgets for the spikes to hold up and solidify.

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