Ideas for a Female's 50th Birthday

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Celebrate a woman's 50th birthday by creating a party that caters to her interests. For instance, if she is a fashionable woman you might want to host an elegant birthday party for her that includes all the trimmings, such as her favourite chocolate mousse cake.

The overall goal is to create a birthday party that makes her feel cherished and appreciated.


A scrapbook is a memorable gift that the birthday girl is sure to love. Ask at least two of her friends to write a memorable story about her on fancy card stock paper. Include two or more pages of these stories in the book. Gather pictures of her from birth to the present day and create a timeline in the book by including the earliest pictures first. Decorate with coloured paper that she loves and choose embellishments that suit her. For instance, if she loves purple pansies and daisies, buy pressed purple pansy and daisy flowers to include in the book. Place two to three photos on each page and fill the book with other memorable items such as awards or any keepsakes you can find from her life.

50th Birthday Cake

Create a cake that highlights 50 years of memories. Gather several favourite photos from her life such as pictures of her with her kids and family. Go to the baker and order a 3 tier cake. Ask for the photo transparency cake and request for the pictures to show up on the sides of each tier. Gather plenty of photos so the pictures can pan around the cake. Most bakers have a machine that scans photos and creates edible images that are then placed on the top or sides of cakes. This cake should represent 50 years of memories.

50th Birthday Wine and Cheese Party

Many women enjoy a good glass of wine by the time they reach age 50. Create an elegant party that caters to her love for wine. Decorate with burgundy and white table cloths and white china. Place red roses on the centre of each table and designate a table for wine and cheese. Ask people to dress formally for the party. This type of party is for a tasteful woman who prefers a mellow birthday party rather than a loud party with too many people.