Twenty-First Anniversary Gifts

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The 21st wedding anniversary doesn't have traditional materials or symbols associated with it, but it does have contemporary or modern themes of brass and nickel, along with the gemstone iolite.

Although these themes might seem limiting, there are several symbolic and sentimental gift ideas to choose from for a 21st wedding anniversary.


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The gemstone for the 21st anniversary is iolite, a violet coloured stone that is often referred to as the water sapphire. A necklace studded with this stone, charms for a bracelet, iolite cuff links or earrings would be appropriate and thoughtful gifts for this anniversary. Iolite was used by the Vikings as a navigation tool, after they discovered it had polarising properties, so you could include a little history and provide a one-of-a-kind gift by giving a nautical or Viking themed gift adorned with this gemstone.


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A romantic gift using brass, a modern theme for the 21st anniversary, could be a brass corkscrew given with a bottle of champagne or wine. A brass frame holding a picture of the couple on their wedding day is another idea. Brass is also used in jewellery for both men and women. Charms done in vintage styles, key chains or rings are less expensive than silver or gold and are symbolic of the 21st anniversary. Other ideas include brass items for the home such as lamps or even brass instruments if the couple is interested in music.


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Nickel is the other modern theme for the 21st anniversary. Brushed nickel is often found in items such as drawer pulls, lamps, and keepsake boxes. Nickel trays for items such as keys, or a nickel framed mirror are other possibilities for this anniversary. Traditional Wedding Anniversaries recommends giving a quirky gift like a trail of nickels leading to a romantic dinner or bedroom covered in rose petals.


The wedding Quaich is Scottish in origin and is known in modern times as a "loving cup". Originally it was used as a 'welcome' cup given to guests. It was also used in early times at baptisms to drink to the child's health. Available in brass and nickel, this cup is ornate and designed with two handles so that the couple can share a drink, symbolising their union and commitment to each other. The cup can be used as decoration after the anniversary as well.