Meanings of the colors of cancer bracelets

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When Lance Armstrong slipped on his yellow rubber bracelet as an symbol of his fight against testicular cancer, he started a trend that gives a voice to cancer patients, their friends and family the world over. Each bracelet's colour represents a different type of cancer.

The bracelets can be printed to contain any message. Loved ones wear them to honour someone who is battling the disease or has died from it.

Pink, Reds, Yellow and Orange

One of the most universally recognisable colours that represents cancer is the pink that stands for breast cancer. A red bracelet represents lymphoma. Burgundy is representative of hospice care. A yellow bracelet is worn for bladder cancer and orange stands for leukaemia.

Blues, Greens, Purples

Different shades of blue are used to represent different cancers. A periwinkle blue is worn for esophageal cancer. Royal blue represents mesothelioma. Light blue is used for prostate cancer. Teal symbolises ovarian cancer and kelly green represents kidney or renal cancer. Violet represents Hodgkins lymphoma and purple means pancreatic cancer. Lavender is used to represent all cancer survivors.

Brown, Gold, Gray and White

A brown bracelet is worn in support of colon and colorectal cancer. Gold represents all childhood cancers. Gray is used to support those with brain cancer. A pearl-coloured bracelet is indicative of supporting lung cancer. White represents bone cancer, and this bracelet is also sometimes seen as white with a gold outline.


Men suffering from breast cancer, or those in support of them, wear a bracelet that is half pink and half blue. Red with a white stripe is worn to represent cancer of the head and neck. A combination of teal, pink and blue is used for thyroid cancer. Multicoloured bracelets are worn to support awareness of all types of cancer.