Home remedies for itchy skin rashes

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Skin rashes can cause itchiness, burning and pain. While there are a variety of commercial treatments available to treat itchy skin rashes, these home remedies can be equally as effective, and they have the advantage of being all natural.


Oatmeal is helpful in reducing the itchiness that comes with many skin rashes. Create an oatmeal bath by placing 2 cups of uncooked oatmeal under running bathwater. Soak in the water for at least 15 minutes, then repeat as often as needed. Itchiness will normally subside immediately.


Chamomile can be used to reduce itchy skin rashes in two ways. To create a chamomile tea skin wash, add 2 or 3 whole fresh or dried chamomile flowers (or 2 -3 tsp of dried chamomile flowers) to 1 cup of boiling water. Use a strainer to remove excess flowers and debris and put the strained mixture in a heat-proof container. Allow the chamomile mixture to cool. This chamomile mixture can be applied directly to any itchy skin using a soft cloth or sponge 2 to 3 times each day. Chamomile flowers, or strained debris from chamomile tea, can be added to bath water as well. Add the chamomile to hot running water and soak in the water for at least 15 minutes.

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is a plant that can be used to stop the itchiness and pain that frequently accompany skin rashes. Slice one leaf away from an aloe vera plant and peel the green flesh away until aloe vera gel is revealed (normally in the centre area of the leaf). Apply the gel directly to any areas of skin rash for a cooling sensation and rapid relief from burning and itching.

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