Types of Croissants

croissant image by Yvonne Bogdanski from Fotolia.com

A croissant is a French crescent-shaped roll of puff pastry that is made through a process that uses butter to create fine sheets of dough. The croissant's forefather is the Austrian kipfel, a crescent roll taken to Paris in 1938 by August Zang, an Austrian military officer.

The earliest reference about the French version of this pastry dates back to 1853, according to The Nibble. Variations of the basic or plain recipe of croissant include butter, chocolate and almond croissants.

Butter Croissant

A butter croissant is made by using the traditional recipe and dough but with extra quantities of butter. While a plain croissant has roughly 200 to 250 calories, a butter croissant contains 406 calories, according to Calorie Counter.

Chocolate Croissant

In France, a chocolate croissant is called "pain au chocolate." It is baked with a piece of dark chocolate at its centre, which melts during the baking process. A chocolate croissant can have as much as 425 calories, reports Calorie Counter.

Almond Croissant

The almond croissant is filled with frangipane and topped with slices of almonds. Frangipane is a type of custard flavoured with almonds that is used as filling in pastries. According to Calorie Counter, there are 400 calories in an almond croissant.