Baby & infant childcare planning activities

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Baby and infant childcare activities are designed to keep babies happy while they are in the care of someone else. These activities are planned out by day care staff. Some activities include playing with babies and placing the infants on a blanket so they can enjoy time on their tummy.

As babies develop into toddlers, more advanced activities are planned that include reading and crafts.

Games for Babies

Baby games are encouraged at day care facilities. These games can include patty cake or other games that involve staking blocks or playing with other toys. Infants need plenty of interaction and time playing with adults every day. Most day care facilities are required to encourage some type of play activity or game on a daily basis rather than allowing a child to stay in a crib for long periods of time.

Tummy Time

Tummy time is another activity that day care providers often do on a daily basis. Babies need time to stretch and see the world from a different perspective. Laying on their tummies helps improve their motor and perception skills. Day care providers might place several babies close together or place each baby on a single blanket. Toys are also placed around the baby to give him something to look at.


Singing songs is another planned activity that day care providers might include in their schedule. The songs might cater to all ages. Kids are often encouraged to sing along and learn the words. This activity helps improve language development in addition to keeping the kids busy.

Dress Up

Dress up is another activity that childcare providers can do with babies with the approval of the parents. Day care centres might dress up children during certain holidays or events throughout the year. This is a planned activity that the parents may also participate in.

Nap Time

Nap time is essential in any childcare facility. Most babies nap two or more times per day depending on their age and development. Most childcare providers plan a nap schedule in advance. Babies generally nap in another room, but this all depends on the facility. Infants who are accustomed to childcare might nap even if they hear a lot of noise from other children in the room.