List of Enzyme Cleaners

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Enzyme cleaners use chemicals naturally manufactured by plants and animals that spark chemical reactions that break down specific types of chemicals. Because enzymes only work on specific types of chemicals--proteins, lipids, sugars--enzyme cleaners must be matched to their purpose.

Enzyme cleaners designed to clean up a hot tub will have no effect on pet stains and odours because they're chemicals that are unaffected by enzymes.

Coffee Wipes

Coffee stains are notoriously difficult to remove, even from hard surfaces such as mugs and coffeemakers. Coffee wipes use an enzyme that targets the chemicals in coffee that stain objects and unwind their chemical bonds in the process. Administered in a wet wipe-type of pad, coffee wipes may be used to immediately clean coffee spills or to deep clean stains that soap and water won't remove.

Oops Away!

A blend of enzymes coexist in Oops Away's spray designed to target any of the messes pet owners must face. Enzymes effective on urine and urine odour, blood, mucus and albumin are included in the solution, which is sprayed on as a traditional cleaning agent. Manufacturers of the product maintain Oops Away! removes stains and penetrates and dissolves the chemicals that linger to create odour.

Olympic Chemcial Enzyme Cleaner

Developed for commercial medical purposes, Olympic Chemical's Enzyme Cleaner targets proteins, lipids and amylases on surgical equipment, bedding and other hospital equipment. It is designed to remove blood, vomit and sweat stains. A low concentration may be used to soak equipment and remove stains and residue before sterilisation.

Spa Boss

Sweat and body oils quickly accumulate in the water of a hot tub, and many aren't filtered out before they begin to collect on walls and on the inside of supply lines. Spa Boss's enzymes tackle lipids in body oils, dissolving them enough to break their bond and return them to the filter. Although Spa Boss doesn't replace disinfectants such as bromine or chlorine, manufacturers claim that its use will reduce the need for those chemicals in a hot tub.

Enzyme Magic Auto Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner

Rather than focusing on organic stains, Enzyme Magic Auto Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner attacks more run-of-the-mill stains. Its enzymes dissolve oil, grease and soil stains found in soft surfaces as diverse as carpet, furniture and car interiors.