Flower vase light-up ideas for weddings

exotic flower in the vase image by Andrii Oleksiienko from Fotolia.com

Flowers have always been and will always be incorporated into decoration designs, especially for weddings. The concept of flowers may seem mundane; so surprise people with an unconventional flower display. Light-up vases for flowers give a modern appearance with a personal touch. Have fun with friends trying the multitude of flower and light combinations.

Under the Vase

To make a dramatic impact with your light-up flower vase, use under-the-vase lights. These are available in small tea light sizes that can fit under vases with a bottom lip. Other floral LED lights are available to act as the actual base of your vases; these are available in white light and different colours. For the richest lights, be generous with water; the light will colour the water and reflect from it. A cool idea is to use a cylinder-shaped vase with the flower submersed. This works well with flowers like orchids, iris and stock flowers. Choose lights in colours to match the colours of the occasion; white flowers will reflect the colours best.

Spray Branch Lights

Spray branch lights are clusters of fibre optic lights created for the use in floral arrangements. This look can be a little flashy; it will do best to accent showy flowers. Your light-up vase should accent your flowers, not overpower them. Fibre optic sprays look wonderful amid large colourful bulbs like peonies, lisianthus flowers, amaryllis and some roses. The flowers should be central and the tallest point of your flower arrangement. Use the lights in the mix with other fillers. White lights can complement bright flowers while a subtle pink light can add a wonderful colour pop to a white flower arrangement.

Submersible Lights

Submersible lights are ideal to light up any flower arrangement containing water. You have the option to use multiple colours of lights with this design also. If you have white flowers you can use one or two other colours of your wedding or party submersed in the vase. By positioning these lights at different angles and heights in the stems of the flowers, you can direct the light around the entire table. For short-stemmed flowers, fill the bottom of the vase with translucent decorative stones and lights. This will illuminate the stones and give your flower vase ambient lighting.

If you want to achieve similar looks with your flower vase, without the use of water, use wire lights. These will have more decorative uses in recycling.

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