Voile ideas

voilages image by Unclesam from Fotolia.com

Voile is a lightweight, sheer fabric, often made from silk, cotton or rayon. Voile is available in a rainbow of colours, from midnight blue to snow white. A soft, feminine fabric, it lends itself to a number of applications, from decorating a romantic setting to dressing up accessories.

Wedding Accessories

A soft, romantic fabric, voile is an ideal choice for wedding accessories. Use voile to make a wedding veil. Cut a piece of voile in white, ivory, pink or, for the more daring bride, fire-engine red or magenta. Sew ribbon to the edges, and attach a hair comb or headband. You can also use voile to create pew bows and swags, to decorate archways and to create favour and birdseed bags from small rectangles sewn together.

Window Treatments

The sheerness of voile makes it well suited for window treatments. Make full-length curtain panels from voile in colours that complement your decor. The fabric will filter the light in your rooms and provide privacy. You can also create partial window treatments, such as swags or valances, to top windows that have blinds or drapes. The softness of the voile will soften the sharp, tailored look of blinds and drapes, making a more romantic setting.


If you rent your home or apartment, paint or wallpaper may not be an option to help make your space suit your tastes. You can use voile to "wallpaper" your rooms. Cut lengths of voile to the height of your wall, and use liquid starch as wallpaper glue to attach the fabric to the wall. Hold the pieces in place with pushpins until the starch dries. When you move or decide it is time for a change, simply peel the fabric off the wall and wipe the wall with a damp sponge.

Home Accessories

You can often purchase voile remnants at fabric stores for a few dollars. These small pieces are just right for adding a little pizazz to plain home accessories. Use a piece of voile to tie a bow around a plain, white throw pillow, or use a low-temperature glue gun to attach voile to the bottom edge of a lampshade. You can also make rosettes from voile and attach them to plain curtains or even comforters to dress them up.