What qualifications are required to become a car salesperson?

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Car salespersons are an important part of the automotive industry. There primary mission is to make customers interested in cars and sell as many cars a possible to bring in profit for the dealership. The entire process of persuading the customer to buy a car could take hours.

Still, many people find car sales a thrilling occupation because of the large commissions a person can make. There are several qualifications that are required to become a car salesperson.


The usual education level for a car salesperson is a Secondary Education Certificate (high school diploma) or equivalent. Potential car salespersons with high school diplomas can give themselves an edge by taking a few classes in sales or marketing. According to the Princeton Review, college coursework in psychology, finance, and public speaking is becoming more common.

Specialised Training

According to Career Choices, automotive technology training, including training in on board systems, is becoming a common basic qualification for employment.

Most training in sales, specifically, is done on the job. However, some salespersons may spend time at a national training centre learning about each model's features, general negotiation strategies, the culture of the company they work for, and the manufacturing process, according to the Princeton Review.

Physical Qualifications

Car salespersons must be able to stand for long periods of time and walk through the car lot. Some salespersons may need to be able to work for long hours. The ability to withstand a variety of outdoor temperatures, such as intense summer heat or cold winters, is also helpful.

Background Checks

Potential car salespersons may have to successfully pass a background and/or credit check before being employed.


According to the Bureau or Labor Statistics, car a salesperson need to be well groomed, tactful, and have a good ability to express themselves.

Most are paid solely on commission, so they need to be persistent in their efforts to make sales each day. Because they work with other salespersons trying to make their daily sales quota, competition is fierce.

Each day car salespersons must fight against the stereotype that they are dishonest and crafty. To do that, they must put forth an image of integrity and interest. A lot of business may depend on return customers, so car salespersons have to be skilled at building customer loyalty.