Types of sledge hammers

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A sledge hammer is a powerful hammering tool. This tool has a large, flat head attached to a long handle. The head is made of metal and contains a hefty amount of mass in order to drive heavy objects into the ground. This specialised hammer is known to be more industriously powerful than other hammers. Construction workers use it for its ability to distribute force over a wide areas, depending on the type of sledge hammer they decide to use.

Splitting Maul

This Splitting Maul usually weighs about 3.63kg. It is a heavy, long-handled hammer used for splitting pieces of wood along its grain (See reference 1). One side of its head is like a regular sledge hammer while the other side is like an axe. In some countries, it is also called a block buster or block splitter. Some splitting mauls have forged heat-treated heads for durability and safety purposes. This specific model can also exhibit ergonomic handles for specialised control.

Machinist Hammer

A Machinist hammer is a tool used for striking and splitting objects. (See reference 2) The hammer has a heat-treated steel head with a drop down angle. It has square and tapered striking faces that are meant to pound. This model exhibits a fully polished head with strong epoxy bond that holds it securely in place. It also has contoured hardwood handles for confident grasping. The length of this handle is around 11 in.

German Hammer

The German standard sledge hammer traditionally has a shorter handle than other sledges and has a heavy rectangular wedged face. It is a notably heavy hammer that ranges up to 10.4kg, allowing for slight yet forceful taps. Where one sledge hammer may need four strikes, this hammer may only take one to get the job done. Specialised hammers can have non-sparking, non-magnetic and corrosion-resistant coatings to be used safely in hazardous environments. (See reference 3)

Soft Steel Hammers

Soft steel sledge hammers tend to be lighter weight with a long thin handle. This type of sledge reduces shearing when striking hardened steel. It has an ergonomic super grip fibreglass handle. The 4.54kg Sledge Hammer 36" Wood Handle is made of hickory. (See Resource 3)

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