Error Codes on Maytag Washers

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Maytag markets their washing machines based on their durability and ease of use. When an error code appears on the washing machine's electronic display area, it does so in order to notify the machine's owner of a technical issue that must be addressed in order for the machine to work properly. Many of these error codes are common issues that can be resolved easily.

Error Code L

If an "L" appears upon the electronic display area of your Maytag washer, it is indicative of the washing machine's lid failing to lock properly. When an "L" error code appears, it is normally caused by one of two issues, a faulty lid locking switch, which is designed to hold the lid securely closed during the wash cycle, or a faulty lock solenoid sensor, which is designed to display a warning signal that the lid is not locked securely. Replacement of the needed part should correct the issue and the error code should disappear. The cost of a new lid switch or solenoid sensor will vary based upon dealer and type of machine; as of July 2010, the average cost for these parts ranged between £130 and £195 each. If the issue persists, there may be an issue within the machine's electronic display board that should be investigated by a Maytag approved repair technician.

Error Code U

An error code "U" is normally one of the easiest of issues to address. When an error code "U" appears upon the Maytag washing machine's electronic display, it indicates an unbalanced wash load or a load that is too heavy to circulate properly. This error can normally be addressed by opening the washing machine's lid and rearranging the machine's contents in such a way that the wet clothing is evenly distributed. Once the load is evenly balanced, the error code should disappear and the machine should continue the wash load as normal.

F21 or F02

Depending upon the type of Maytag washing machine, you may notice an "F21" or "F02" error code. An "F21" or "F02" error code is indicative of a slow draining cycle, normally caused by a clogged or kinked drain hose. If an "F21" or "F02" error code appears, check the drain hose on the back of your washer to ensure that it is not clogged or bent. Once the drain hose has been unblocked, the error code should disappear and the machine drain properly. However, if you have a high efficiency washing machine and the error code continues to appear, make sure you are using the correct detergent; because high efficiency machines use much less water than traditional washing machines, they require the use of a low sudsing detergent. Traditional detergents may produce too many suds, which can block the machine's drain hose and lead to slower draining cycles.

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