Milk Treatments for Tapeworm

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According to, some people never even know they have tapeworms. These intestinal parasites often cause no symptoms and eventually leave the human body on their own. If this isn't the case for you and you seek medical assistance to kill and expel a tapeworm, you will likely be prescribed medication, reports However, you may prefer first to try a home remedy to rid yourself of the intestinal invader, which can cause abdominal pain and lead to malnutrition. If you're in search of an alternative method, a milk treatment may do the trick.

Coconut Milk

Coconut milk contains worm-killing agents, according to the Mamaherb website. Prepare it by grating the meat of half of a coconut and then extracting the milk from it. The home cooking rocks! website explains that you can extract the milk by placing grated coconut in a blender or by squeezing handfuls of the grated coconut until the milk runs into the bowl. You should drink this milk twice daily for up to a month or until the tapeworm exits the body. Mamaherb says it takes between 15 and 30 days for the coconut milk treatment to kill and rid a patient of a tapeworm.

Milk Bath

A milk bath is another alternative to prescription medication for tapeworm removal. The Natural-HomeRemedies website instructs those with tapeworms to fill their bathtubs with milk and soak their bodies in it. The site claims that tapeworms are attracted to the smell of the milk and will exit the body--through the anus--to reach the milk. The Grandma's Wisdom website recommends allowing 3 to 4 gallons of whole milk to warm to room temperature for the milk bath. The site says to warm up the bathtub first by filling it with hot water and then draining it before pouring in the milk--and up to 1 quart of hot water if you absolutely must warm it up before getting in. Grandma's Wisdom explains that you must sit with your knees bent and keep your rectum under the milk, usually for at least an hour. The site suggests distractions that will keep you relaxed, including reading and listening to music.

Milk Vapor Inhalation

Another way milk can reportedly attract tapeworms out of the body is via the nasal cavity. The Welsh Health Systems Newsletter website says to heat up a bowl of milk and inhale the vapours that rise up from the milk so that the tapeworm will smell the milk and exit the body from the nose.

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