Boys camouflage bedroom ideas

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As with any room decor, sometimes it's best to stop when you're ahead. A camouflage bedspread, camouflage walls, camouflage rug, camouflage drapes and camouflage lamp shades are too much of a good thing.

Instead of overdoing it, help your son exercise restraint in his bedroom decor choices to create a more harmonious overall effect. Pick and choose items and surfaces to cover and mix and match camouflage with solid colours.

Walls and Floors

Experiment with sponge painting or brush painting to see if your son would like one or more walls covered with a do-it-yourself camouflage design. Follow the design scheme of a camouflage photo or create your own design. Choose either a desert camouflage pattern with tans and browns or a jungle pattern with shades of green and brown. If you can't achieve just the right effect, follow the advice of Archery Lessons and opt for walls in either a tan or green shade to match other camouflage elements in the room. A camouflage border at the top of a solid coloured wall may provide just the right amount of pattern. Use special fabric paints applied with either sponges or brushes for an area rug or for an entire carpet.

Furniture and Drapes

Online sites carry an array of camouflage furniture and drapes. Or, buy camouflage fabric and sew your own drapes and recover existing furniture. Use cloth glue or a staple gun to attach fabric to desks, chair seats and bed headboards. Budget Decorating recommends painting, attaching decorative cording around existing furniture and tiling tabletops with mosaic tile as additional remodel ideas. Use either camouflage fabric or solid colours in greens or browns to contrast with the camouflage for these projects.


It's easy to find camouflage patterned bed spreads and sheets in retail stores and online. For other camouflage accent objects use the same techniques as you would for furniture and drapes. Transform wastebaskets, notice board frames, picture frames, mirror frames and lamp shades with paint or with camouflage fabric in prints or in solid colours of greens and browns. Create your own camouflage painting by stretching and gluing fabric over a wooden frame. If the room's walls are solid colours, use strategically placed camouflage decals and wallpaper appliqu├ęs. Add other woodland- or military-related accents to finish the room, such as green mosquito netting draped as a canopy over the bed, an artificial or real tree in the corner and posters of the boys' choosing.