Victorian Kids Games

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During the Victorian Era, many activities were not approved for children, especially those that got in the way of chores or conflicted with Victorian Era values and morals. During this time, new games were created to keep children entertained while conforming to the norms.

Some of these games had been around for centuries but were modified for the times. Other games were invented and are still played today.

Board Games

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Checkers, chess and backgammon are all board games that had been around for centuries, but were often played during the Victorian Era. These games are still around today. Other board games taught children Victorian Era values. Dice were not used in games because of their association with gambling.

Parlour Games

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Parlour games frequently included guests and were played indoors, often in the parlour room. Blindman's Bluff, 20 Questions, Taboo, jacks, marbles and dominoes were all played in Victorian times. Another common game was Jackstraw, which is now known as "pickup sticks." Tiddlywinks involving shooting small disks called "winks" into a cup.

Outdoor Games

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Kick the Can and Leap Frog kept Victorian-era children occupied out of doors. Tug of War was easy; all you needed were a rope and children, with an optional mud puddle or stream. In Hoops and Sticks, which had been around long before the Victorian Era, children ran around hitting a wooden hoop with sticks to keep it rolling along.