Interior wall paneling ideas

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People often associate interior panelling with the wood panelling installed in homes in the 1970s that is unattractive to most homeowners today. However, many budget-friendly panelling options are available that will make any space appear updated.

These panelling options allow you to be creative and display your personal style.


Wainscoting is a type of panelling installed over a wall's lower portion, adding character and elegance to the room. The three main types of wainscoting panels are raised panel, flat panel and beadboard. All wainscoting is similar in that it is a layering of wall panels and all types include panel moulds, a chair rail and baseboard. Traditionally, raised panel wainscoting is used in formal spaces while flat panel and beadboard are installed in informal areas. However, today most people choose wainscoting based on personal taste. Wainscoting was originally made out of wood, an option that remains, but wainscoting systems are also available in engineered woods that do not expand or crack like solid wood can. Engineered wood wainscoting systems are easy to install and cost less than solid wood.


Change your room's look and feel by spicing up your fireplace or creating an accent wall. An eye-catching fireplace or wall made out stone can be expensive and require professional installation. However, you can easily install panelling around your fireplace to make it look like a real stone fireplace. Stone-looking panelling costs differ depending on the style you choose, but it will be less expensive than real stone. Panelling allows you to choose from an array of similarly priced materials, as well as colours and styles so you will know what you are buying. Wall panels are durable and feel like the materials they replicate, but require minimal upkeep.


Installing a fabric wall panel makes your room look soft and contemporary, and because they are inexpensive and easy to make, you can change the fabric on the panels whenever you want to change your room's decor. You can have fabric panels made for you, but it is easy to create unique fabric wall panels by purchasing the desired fabric and foam insulation boards. Cut the fabric so that it fits around each board. Wrap the fabric around and staple it to the board and attach it to the wall. Fabric panels allow you to be creative and express your personal style.