Grants for Toddler Groups

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Toddlers are children ages 1 to 3, and groups that work with toddlers often focus on development skills and preparing these children to enter school. Grants to toddler groups can be used for a variety of purposes, including starting a new group, purchasing new equipment or expanding existing services.

Private and public organisations award these grants.

Parent and Toddler Group Initiative

The Parent and Toddler Group Initiative is a partnership between the Office of the Minister for Children and the Katharine Howard Foundation. City or county childcare committees throughout Ireland award these grants. The goals of this grant are to increase the awareness of parent and toddler groups, and to help these programs expand their offerings. This program offers small grants to programs operating within economically disadvantaged communities. Winning programs should attempt to bring the community together and also help children in the area. Application requirements, deadlines and grant amounts vary by local childcare committees. Interested parties should contact their local committee for further details.

Katharine Howard Foundation,

ISFC, 10 Grattan Crescent,

Inchicore, Dublin 8,


Jersey Child Care Trust

The Jersey Child Care Trust offers small grants to organisations working with children from birth to age 12. This grant must go toward one of the following projects: the purchasing of new equipment, the creation or sustainment of a training program or the creation of a new childcare program. Some grants may be available for those that plan to meet registration requirements, but a letter from Day Care Registration must be submitted with the application. Some grants are also available for groups experiencing financial difficulties, but the group must document the problems and submit to a possible external analysis. Grant monies vary based on project needs.

Jersey Child Care Trust

The Bridge/Le Geyt Road

St. Saviour, Jersey JE2 7 NT


Grants for Groups Fund

The Derwentside Council for Voluntary Services and Volunteer Bureau’s Grants for Groups Fund awards grants to groups that want to improve the quality of life for people living within the town of Derwentside. This grant is open to non-profit groups, community or volunteer organisations, and other organisations that have either created or wish to create projects that will benefit the community at large. Organizations that have incomes of less than 2268 Kilogram per year will receive priority. Grant amounts vary.

Derwentside Council for Voluntary Services and Volunteer Bureau

The Tommy Armstrong Centre, Clifford Road

Stanley DH9 0XG