Brazil-themed arts & crafts for kids

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As kids learn about Brazilian culture, making art projects or crafts inspired by Brazilian customs and values can help kids to more fully understand what Brazil is like. Brazil-themed art and craft projects give children the chance to create something to display at home that reminds them of what they have learnt about Brazil.

Brazilian Tambourine

Kids can use metal bottle caps to make a special type of tambourine popular in Brazil. Adults should help kids flatten bottle caps on a hard surface with a hammer and use a nail to poke a hole through the centre of each cap. Children can string between 10 and 15 bottle caps onto a wire. Tie the wire between the ends of a Y-shaped branch. Kids can decorate these tambourines by creating patterns on them with markers or acrylic paint. They can play their completed tambourines while they listen to Brazilian music.

Carnival Crafts

Brazilians celebrate Mardi Gras with a festival called Carnival. Children can make masks and colourful bead necklaces to help them dress up as Brazilians would for Carnival. Masks should contain bright colours, such as purple, green, red and yellow, along with decorative feathers. Beaded necklaces and bracelets can contain any type of bead, but should also be brightly coloured and sparkly. For inexpensive beads, dye macaroni or another type of small tubular pasta with food colouring.


After children view a variety of examples of Brazilian tapestries, rugs and other textiles, they can try making their own patterns. Children can use art supplies such as crayons, coloured pencils or markers to create their designs. Older children can use yarn to make a real tapestry after designing one on paper.

Brazilian Flag

Kids can practice drawing Brazil's flag as an art project that teaches them about the history of Brazil's independence. The background of the flag is green. A yellow diamond encloses the blue circle in the centre. The circle contains 27 stars that represent the states and federal districts in Brazil, along with the words "Ordem E Progresso," which means, "Order and Progress." The stars in the centre of the flag can actually help teach astronomy as they depict constellations visible when the Brazilian Republic began on Nov. 15, 1889.

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