Marketing flyers advantages & disadvantages

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Many companies and individuals use flyers to promote their products or services. Flyers are usually printed on one page. Some companies print their flyers in black and white, while others use various colours with graphics or pictures.

The main objective for using a flyer is to inform consumers or businesses about new products or special deals. There are both advantages and disadvantages to using marketing flyers.


One advantage of using marketing flyers is that they are inexpensive. Since most flyers are, at the most, printed on the front and back of a sheet of paper, companies can produce them for cents each. Most flyers can be printed directly from a computer and then mass-produced on a copy machine. However, companies that want higher quality copies should consider using offset or digital printing.

Easy to Read

Marketing flyers are easy for consumers and business customers to read. The marketing flyer is usually designed with a lot of white space, larger letters and a limited number of words. Most marketing flyers are designed to attract attention, build interest and get the customer to buy the product or service. Therefore, marketing professionals do not go into too much detail when designing a flyer.

Easy to Produce

Marketing flyers are one of the easiest print marketing tools to produce. Most people can put a flyer together in 1 hour or less, and then get it ready for distribution the same day. Since marketing flyers are easy to produce, a company can make changes to it as needed. For example, a marketing communications manager may need to make updates to the flyer for mass distribution.

Easily Dismissed by Customers

One disadvantage of marketing flyers is that customers tend to dismiss them because of their simplicity, according to the article "Learn the Ways of Using Flyers in Your Business" at, a print marketing consultant and distributor. Most people regard a flyer as just a piece of paper. A person may glance at it a few seconds, but unless the flyer sparks interest, it will usually end up inside the nearest dustbin.

No Long-Term Impact

Marketing flyers do not have long-term impact on consumers like other advertising methods. A Marketing flyer may grab a person's attention and get them to buy, but the effect of the flyer ends there. Contrarily, a company will use multiple television advertisements over time to build awareness of products with the hope that when a consumer is ready to buy a product, she may think of the one the company displayed on television. However, a person may forget the company and product advertised on a flyer moments after he discards it.