Products to Make Dog Collars

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A dog's collar is often the animal's only identifying item. This accessory can be used to provide your dog with a unique identity, so why not make your own? Collar construction should focus on safety first, but after it's all secure, you can customise the collar to express not just your dog's name and address, but its special style and personality. To make your own dog collar, you can choose from among several products.

Collar Products

Products for dog collars, first and foremost, must be strong. Choose leather or a sturdy fabric for the collar itself. Leather is sometimes preferred by dog owners because of its strength and luxurious appearance. Unlike many fabrics, leather doesn't absorb your dog's smell, which can sometimes be offensive. You can also use a plastic-blend material commonly used for straps that rivals leather in strength. For a smaller dog, you can choose a softer material such as denim or a thick broadcloth backed with felt. You can also buy pre-cut lengths of leather and plastic-blend materials designed specifically for dog collar construction online.

Connecting Piece Products

Choosing a fastener for your dog collar depends on the dog. If you're looking for recycled materials, you can use the plastic connecting pieces from a book bag or messenger bag; you can find inexpensive bags at thrift stores. These are surprisingly strong. For a small dog, you can try a traditional button, but make sure you sew it on with extra-strong industrial thread. Cut a small hole that the button fits through very tightly. Make sure to reinforce the buttonhole by stitching over the raw edges. For new products, online resources provide kits and components for making dog collars.

Dog Tag Products

For Fido's I.D. tags, you can choose from a gamut of products: reflective, rainbow, metal or plastic, in a variety of shapes and sizes. Many pet stores have a while-you-wait I.D. tag machine, where you can customise your dog's vital info on a blank tag of your choosing. You can send away for other personalised options.

Most cities have dog licensing laws that require dogs in a public place to wear tags for rabies as well as a general municipal license. Make sure all of your dog's tags are fastened to the collar with a strong metal ring or locking clip. You can purchase the D ring, specifically designed for this purpose, online, or simply select a strong circular ring at a lock shop.

If you worry about tags falling off, you have another option. Your dog collar can carry your pooch's identification embroidered into the fabric of the collar itself. Use plastic blend fabric and contact your local sewing shop or machine embroidery store for these customised options.

Make sure to provide another sturdy ring on your homemade dog collar for leash attachment. You can get these, typically called D rings, online, or simply use another round sturdy ring.

Decorative Products

Jazz up your dog collar with a personal touch by including decorative products. Sew a line of decorative ribbon in a contrasting colour onto the top of the collar. Additionally, you can use decorative buttons, plastic jewels or other small charms to sew on to the collar. With a small hand punch, you can give Precious a tough-looking array of silver or gold studs. For a more glamorous look, use the punch to attach rhinestones. Visit a craft store for supplies and more ideas for dog-friendly decorations.

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