The Disadvantages of Metal Detectors

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Metal detectors are great devices to keep a location safe. A metal detector is an electronic instrument used to detect the presence of concealed metal objects, according to These detectors can spot things that we can't see with simply our eyes.

There are many advantages to having one, but also disadvantages that should be noted when considering getting or buying one.

False Alarm

The first disadvantage of a metal detector is that it may give a false alarm. This may happen if someone is carrying any sort of metal object on them (watch, phone, toy, jewellery). This may cause panic for no reason and cause the person to be embarrassed. This is seen as a major inconvenience for both the person and staff.

Pacemakers and Other Devices

Another disadvantage is that the metal detector isn't really effective with people who have had to get a pacemaker or other types of replacements such as a knee replacement. It may also be unsafe for these people. In most cases, these people avoid going through metal detectors.


The final disadvantage of a metal detector is that it may interfere with certain personal devices. For example, it may interfere with a magnetic recording device. An example of this is a cassette or CD. It also interferes with other things such as a cell phone, forcing people to turn it off before walking through.