Army wives benefits

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Due to their husbands' military service, Army wives receive many on base benefits. These include educational benefits, heath care services and monthly allowances. These benefits are meant to aid Army wives in the job of maintaining a household without their husbands.

These provisions in turn boost the morale of husbands in the services. Soldiers find it easier to focus on their job if they know their family is being taken care of.

Educational Benefits

Thanks to the Post 9/11 GI Bill, veterans can transfer educations benefits to their dependents, including spouses. Transferability is possible after the soldier has been in the Army for ten years. With this option, Army wives will receive tuition assistance stipends. This is a monthly cash sum that can also be applied to books and lab fees. The Army also helps by making payments on student loans.

Health Care Benefits

Army wives are enrolled in the TRICARE health care plan. They receive health care services on base for little to no cost. Services include physicals and vaccinations, medical screenings, optical and dental care, and prenatal care. These health benefits also extend to the children of soldiers. Army wives are treated at Military Treatment Facilities by Army Medical Officers and Nursing Officers. The level of care is comparable to what you would find in a civilian hospital, but at a fraction of the cost.

Post Exchange Behefits

Army wives also have access to benefits on base. The Post Exchange is essentially a mall on base. There are restaurants as well as stores for buying clothing and household supplies. In addition to a convenient location, the PX offers cheaper prices than what you would find off base. There are also movie theatres, golf courses and bowling alleys located on many Army bases.

Survivor Benefits

Though Army wives might not want to think about death, the Army has a program in place to assist them should their husbands die in the line of duty. The Survivor Benefit Plan (SBP) provides a monthly payment that would represent retirement income lost due to a soldier's early death. Soldiers must serve until retirement and pay a small monthly premium to be eligible. SBP payments are adjusted annually to account for inflation.

Space A Travel

Army wives are also eligible to travel aboard military aircraft with their spouses for free, when space is available. Their Army spouse must have a pass stating that they are on leave. This is a perfect option for family vacations, but you should keep your plans flexible, because flights can be changed or cancelled with little notice. Aviation command websites have information about Space A Travel available for Army wives.