Small walled garden ideas

Garden Seat image by Peter Jarvis from

A small, walled garden can be a beautiful oasis. The trick is choosing flowers, plants and decor that make the most of the area. Whether it's plants that take advantage of the height of the walls or flowers that make a big statement in a small package, you have several ways to make a small, walled garden breathtaking.

Climbing plants

Plants that take advantage of the garden walls are a perfect choice because they take up little space, but have a huge impact. Best of all, climbing plants such as ivy can grow quickly. For example, English Ivy can grow up to 15 cm (6 inches) per day. In just a matter of weeks, garden walls will look beautiful and be the perfect backdrop for a small, walled garden.

Shelving for potted plants

Shelving placed in a random pattern or in straight rows is a great way to display small potted plants. Small shelves allow for a more random layout and greater creativity. Long shelves can be hidden with potted trailing plants such as petunias. As the trailing plants grow, they will spill over the edges of the pots spilling down and covering the shelving.

Small flowers

Placing small flowers around the edge of the garden adds colour without taking up too much space. Flowers that grow vertically are ideal, as they will grow up the walls of the garden, rather than spreading out over the walking area. A few examples include cosmos, canna and sunflowers. This is a great alternative to ivy and can be used in combination with shelved plants.

Garden benches and patio furniture

Depending on the overall look of the small, walled garden, you may also choose benches or patio furniture. Use garden benches to give the space an English garden look. Patio furniture is available in a variety of styles, allowing for a modern or traditional look. Measure the area before buying so that furniture will add to the space, rather than dominating it.


A fountain not only adds beauty to a small, walled garden, but also adds tranquillity. The soothing sound of trickling water helps to sooth the senses. Fountains come in a variety of styles and can be either stand alone or wall mounted. Fountains also come a variety of sizes to fit any space. The variety of colours and styles of fountains vary greatly as well.